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Divorce Mediator
Mediation....where conflict can lead to resolution
Divorce Mediation


Divorce mediation helps you make all the decisions about your divorce. You decide what is best for your family. ​In mediation, you and your spouse meet with me together. I serve as a neutral third party, often interpreting what you say to each other. With my help, you work through the issues you need to resolve so the two of you can end your marriage as amicably and cost effectively as possible. Your divorce will be fair and equitable based on your unique circumstance.


Using a facilitative method, I help you create a parenting plan, divide your assets and liabilities, and understand the divorce process.


Mediation is a private and confidential process.


Divorce mediation addresses the following issues:


  • Parenting Plan

  • Custody Agreement 

  • Child Support

  • Marital Home 

  • Other Real Estate

  • Vehicles and Auto insurance


Divorce & COVID-19


​The stress of living under the same roof during this crisis can exacerbate all relationships. If you and your partner need additional resources to cope with this challenging situation, please reach out for a video consultation.


We can discuss how to communicate your needs, how to co-parent, and whether divorce/separation is the answer.

I can provide marriage mediation, co-parenting counsel, and mindfulness exercises.


For more information or to make an appointment:


Phone: 617-658-3586






  • Framingham, MA

  • on-line serving MA


About Jody Comins, MSW


​As an Adult Child of Divorce, I have a long-time experience with divorce. In my private practice as a Divorce and Family Mediator I use my knowledge and training to help clients facilitate the necessary conversations to navigate their divorce. I take a child-centered approach when working with parents.  I understand the stress the separation process can bring to your family and have the ability to help you listen and hear each other in order to reach a compromise. I am trained as a Mediator and also a Collaborative Coach.


I've been involved in the Boston community for over 25 years and also mediate LGBTQ divorces, domestic partnership separations, in-law disputes, child-support, and parenting plans.

Check out my book- It's a resource for families in any stage of divorce.

Divorce Mediator

How long does it take?

Every divorce is different and each couple has a unique circumstance. The “right” number of mediation meetings and their duration and frequency are determined by the actual time each couple needs to work out mutually satisfactory arrangements of their post-marital lives. I will meet with you in sixty-ninety minute sessions. The average couple with two children and a house can take between 8-12 sessions.


I provide a free 30 minute consultation to provide information about mediation and my practice. Email to make an appointment.

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Divorce Mediator Cost Effective

How is it cost effective?


If a couple chooses to ligitate their divorce with each spouse hiring an attorney, they can spend more than double the amount of a mediation. 


In a divorce mediation, clients negoitate directly with one another with the guidance of the mediator. Through face to face negotiations, the role of attorneys is limited (they will likely review the final agreement) and the legal costs are dramatically reduced. In this circumstance, the mediation preserves more of the marital assets for each spouse and their children after the divorce. 


Divorce Mediator Good for Children

How does mediation benefit children?


A divorce ends a marriage but it doesn't end the relationship. You will always be connected through your children. Mediation helps maintain a business-like relationship between the parties so that you can effectively communicate with each other regarding your children. Remember that your child still has the same relationship with the other parent even when you don't. Studies show that couples who mediate are less likely to go back to court seeking modifications to their agreement.

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Divorce Mediator
Divorce Mediator
Divorce Mediator
Divorce Mediator
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