This is the fifth in a series of blogs on this topic.

In my last blog, I wrote about children of divorce taking sides with one parent over the other. In addition to taking sides, many children feel  “caught in the middle” of their parents. For others, there’s the feeling of being pulled between their parents.

Being caught in the middle includes hearing one parent complain about the other. When a child (or a grownup) hears their parent being disparaged, it’s like they are being criticized themselves.

Eric shared, “Hearing complaints from one about the behavior of the other was never nice. It puts you in an impossible position to hear them out while not wanting to at all.”

Stacey lived in the middle of the anger, “When I was with my father, he would talk sh*t about my mom. When I got home, if I had fun with my father, my mom called him Disneyland Dad and got mad at us. She would bad mouth him and vice versa.”

Heather felt similarly, “T...

“The divorce was officially referred to in our house as "the war." If something was gone and missing it was "oh well, we lost it in the war." Amy

This is the fourth in a series of blogs on this topic

Children of divorce may feel like they have two separate identities.  The child may behave or act a certain way depending on which parent he or she is with at the time.  Given the freedom to make their own rules, parents are setting up their homes the way they wish to for the first time.  They may create new rules about bed time, what to eat, what chores children do, etc. and this may vastly differ in each home.  Children need to navigate their new landscape and understand what is expected of them in both of their homes.  In this blog, I wanted to look at how adult children of divorce felt in regards to divided loyalty between their parents and whether they felt they had to take sides with one parent or another.


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April 8, 2016

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