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​"Speaking Out: Voices of Adult Children of Divorce" literally takes the voices of men and women who have parents that divorced in their childhood or while young adults. Through their stories and her personal experience as an adult child of divorce, Jody Comins, weaves their expressions together to send a message to divorcing couples of today. This book is ideal for anyone contemplating a divorce, going through a divorce, and even post- divorce, to understand how their behavior directly impacts the outcome for their children. Jody Comins suggests “nurturing” your divorce and gives practical tips in each chapter.

"It doesn't matter how old you are when parents divorce, in my opinion. It's always painful. It's a break, a rift, a severing of what was…” Lisa

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John A. Fiske, Family mediator and lawyer says:


"As the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts has focused for decades on hearing the voice of the child in divorce, so does this IMPORTANT BOOK.


As the son of happily married parents and a family mediator since 1979, I try to imagine what it must be like. On rare occasions I have the privilege of meeting some of the children of my divorcing clients and listening to them. Now a child of divorce has written about it, and reported the voices of 50 other adult children of divorce, so we can hear for ourselves what adult children of divorce are saying.


Much wisdom, much practical advice, much courage, pain and even joy. For example, the child can participate in helping parents make their divorce a nurturing process. Anyone working with divorcing families should read and listen to this book."

Amanda Shuman, Esq says:


"Mediation is an often-underutilized tool in divorce.  Jody offers great points as to why more parents should come together and craft a parenting plan to best fit their family and their “new normal.”  A great resource."

Erin C. Mahoney,

Founder & CEO of Girl Power Go, LLC says:

“Brilliant, powerful, compassionate and so real! In this book, Jody connects the dots of divorce in a way that is loving and kind. She’s a communication mastermind and by sharing her knowledge here she shines a bright light on how to transform a painful life event into a positive natural next step. As a child of a messy divorce with years of heartache, Jody’s book is an enormous gift!”

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