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Understanding the Collaborative Process

In a Collaborative Divorce, children are a priority, not a casualty. 

If you are concerned about how a divorce will affect your children, you will find that Collaborative Law encourages you to work together with a professional team to help you navigate the process. 

Collaborative Law works to:

  • Create a good post-divorce relationship between the co-parents

  • Encourage healthy communication between the co-parents as you make decisions about raising your children.

  • Develop a detailed parenting plan with the assistance of the coach/facilitator who understands child developmental issues and the potential effect of divorce on children

  • Make solutions that lead to a positive relationship between your children and both parents 

Collaborative Coaching

As a Collaborative Coach, I serve as a "neutral", focusing on managing process, client behavior, and emotions. With my background in Social Work, I am able to provide expert advice on the psychology of divorce, identify and reinforce effective communication between parties, and intervene to contain and manage conflict. I also educate the attorneys about your communication dynamics.

Collaborative Attorneys

I can help you identify an attorney who is trained in the collaborative process.


A collaborative attorney represents the client’s interests, taking into account the other party’s interests and the family as a whole. S/he refrains from using adversarial techniques, educates the client about legal issues, and works effectively with the other attorney and coach to create a structure and environment that maximizes settlement potential.

For more information about the collaborative process or to request an appointment: 

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