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Speaking Engagements


As a speaker, I bring my experience as a child of divorce to difficult topics like communication, setting intentions, parenting etc. I use my sense of humor, knowledge of human interaction, and interpersonal skills to engage audiences from 3-3000. I enjoy running workshops and/or being the keynote speaker. Click here to see my SpeakerOne Sheet and sample of me speaking.

LGBTQ Couples

Same sex marriage was legalized in Massachusetts in 2004 and divorce occurs in the LGBT community as well. My experience mediating with same-sex couples has brought me a greater understanding of the nuances in their relationships.


I can help you dissolve your domestic partnership or marriage with compassion and awareness of issues facing your unique circumstances.

Jewish Families

I worked in the Boston Jewish community for 25 years in a variety of organizations with Jewish families of all backgrounds. I'm familiar with the Beit Din (Jewish court) in Boston and Jewish law around the "Get" (Jewish divorce document).


Whatever your Jewish affiliation is, I'm happy to help you navigate your divorce through a Jewish lens.

Parent Educator

In an effort to help family members cope with divorce, Masssachusetts 

requires parents to attend programs to make them more aware of the impact of divorce on their children. The class isn't intended to teach you how to be a better parent, it's to teach you how to co-parent with your ex and to keep the lines of communication open between parties. Contact me for more information.

Upcoming Parent Education Classes

All classes are currently taught on Zoom. These are the upcoming classes that

I am teaching for The Divorce Center:

Mondays, August 2 & 9, 6:00 pm-8:30 pm

You can click the link below to sign up for any class offered by The Divorce Center

*For now this is the last class being offered by TDC

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